URB-E- Personal Mobility Solution

Mobile Docs is working with URB-E to provide the ultimate mobility solution for seniors and those with mobility issues.

URB-E's lightweight and compact design make it a viable alternative for individuals that may have trouble walking long distances, but are not confined to a wheel chair or full motorized handicap scooter.

Benefits of URB-E for Seniors:

  • Light weigh at 30 lbs
  • Can fit in the trunk of a car
  • Low to the ground and stable
  • Legal to use on bike paths and sidewalks
  • 100% electric and quick charging in standard electric outlets

Use Cases:

  • Family vacations
  • Large resorts and/or senior communities
  • Great travel companion
  • Sightseeing, tourism, national parks
If your looking for a safe and portable alternative to a wheelchair or traditional handicap scooter, the URB-E may be the perfect fit for you.


"My husband and I love to travel with our children and grand children, but due to chronic back issues, my husband and I cannot walk for long distances. The URB-E was the perfect solution for our most recent family vacation to Yosemite last summer because we didn't have to bring our wheel chairs and the URB-E allowed us to enjoy the nature and scenery of Yosemite without having to burden our children to push us around. We were able to fit both URB-Es in the family van with room to spare for our luggage. I would highly recommend the URB-E as it is safe and easy to ride, even for people our age."

- Evelyn S.

"I don't necessarily consider myself handicap, to the point where I need a wheel chair, but due to a knee injury sustained a long time ago I experience numbness when walking long distances. I recently wanted to visit the Huntington Library in Pasadena and I talked to the administrator and they allowed me to use my URB-E as a personal mobility devices. I was able to enjoy the botanical gardens without having to worry about my leg pain as it was an after thought. It was also light weigh enough so that I can easily take it in and out of my car. If you are like me and need an option a little less than a wheel chair, the URB-E is for you."

- Jason T.

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